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Saturday, July 14th 2012

8:29 PM

Preteen fuck old


Related article: Date: Sun, 07 Mar 1999 16:35:51 +0900 From: Andrej Koymasky Subject: boy-san-07--------------------------I started writing gay stories in 1985 and to now I wrote about 80 of them. Being Italian, of course I wrote them in Italian. Now, many of my friends asked me to translate them in English. But my English, also if understandable, is surely not a "literary" one: I can't know all the nuances preteen model preteenx and literary tricks I can use in Italian. I need somebody revising my translation. Now, I found a person that is kindly helping me with my stories. But I can't ask to one single person to help me with all of my stories. So, if amongst you there is somebody (with a good English style) that thinks this unpaid work worthy, and wants to help me, I would be really happy. If such a person exists, can send me an e-mail at:andrejkoymaskygeocities.com----------------------------BOY-SANby Andrej Koymasky (C) 1998 written the 30th of July, 1994 translated by the author English text kindly revised by Richard Hanna.-----------------------------USUAL DISCLAIMER"BOY-SAN" is a gay story, with some parts containing graphic scenes of sex between males. So, if in your land, religion, family, opinion and so on this is not good for you, it will be better not to read this story. But if you really want, or because YOU don't care, ore because you think yo really want to read it, please be my alexandra preteen star welcomed guest.-----------------------------Chapter Seven: TAKESHI AND THE OMURASJiro was depressed. The last time Satoshi and he had made love, Satoshi told him that his firm had offered kiddy preteens him a promotion on condition that he transferred to the firm's Hong Kong branch for five years. Satoshi had reluctantly accepted their offer.Jiro told him that he understood - that he was right - but inside himself he grieved - if Satoshi had really loved him, he would not have deserted him. On the other hand (the boy was reflecting to himself while sitting at a table in a gay bar, and he was drinking alone), Satoshi never told him to love him, apart from the moment of his orgasm, once or twice. But occasionally one can preteen nudist ukraine say things that, with a cold mind, one is not ready to repeat. As Satoshi had.Then a man asked if he could sit at his table. Jiro looked at him - he was a sensual, elegant man. Saburo decided that moment that he would go to bed normal preteen nudist with him. At least he would stop thinking about Satoshi."Please..." he answered with a smile."But then, you are able to smile." the man said, sitting down."Eh? What?" Jiro asked, looking at him with surprise.The man looked at him with a gentle smile: "I've been looking at you for about an hour, and you were so serious that I asked myself if you were even able to smile. I see that you are, and I am quite pleased to make this discovery: you have a really sweet smile. A boy your age should always smile. How old are you?""Twenty-one. But even at such an age one could have some reasons not to smile.""Yes, certainly, but when you smile you become so very, very pleasing to look at.""Are you saying that I'm your type?" Jiro asked, directly.The man smiled again: "Well, yes, I am. Does that bother you?""No; on the contrary: I hoped that, having come to sit here, near me, you'd propose to take me away with you, tonight.""Are you always so direct?""No... but tonight," Jiro said, slightly embarrassed."Why? Is tonight somewhat special?" the man asked."Yes, I'm getting over being in love. And this is my second time. I've had just two men in my life, and both of them preferred their careers to me.""Yes, it often happens, especially here in Japan - career first, even before family, even before affections. Possibly this is one of our society's less desirable aspects.""So, don't you want me to go to bed with you?""Well, we haven't even introduced ourselves...""My name is Jiro.""Jiro? How do you do. I'm Takeshi.""How do you do.""So, would you like to come away from here with me alexandra preteen star tonight?""Yes, I would."While they were going to Takeshi's car, something went off in the man's head. Thinking it was unlikely, he anyway asked: "Do you have brothers, sisters?""Three brothers; I'm the second oldest.""Do you attend university?""Yes, Tokyo University.""What's your brother's name?""Why?""Bah, almost all Jiros have an older brother named Ichiro before them or a Saburo after them." Takeshi said, hoping that the boy would say his brother's name.Jiro laughed: "Well, you're half right, anyway. My elder brother is named Kazuya, not Ichiro; but my next brother preteen nudist ukraine really is named Saburo. And the littlest one is called Yukio..."Takeshi started: the boy was really Kazuya's brother! To look at him carefully, now, he could see the strong family resemblance."You still live with your parents, I presume." Takeshi said, looking for the final confirmation as his considered this mentally."No, we four brothers are orphans; our parents are deceased."Strange: he had met three of them, now, with Jiro; and they were all gay, unbeknown to each other. It would have been very amusing if the little one, Yukio was... but that was really pure fantasy. Jiro looked at the man sharply but kept silent. He asked himself if it was really wise to go away with a stranger. But the man seemed to be an honest person, and he was also rather attractive.They arrived at Takeshi's house after a thirty-minute drive. Entering in the elegant apartment and pulling of his shoes, Jiro asked: sweet wet preteen "Do you live alone?""Yes. Can I offer you a drink?""Thank you...""What would you like?" the man asked leading him into a broad living room furnished in a modern European style."Whatever you're drinking would be fine.""I really love green apple juice, but...""Apple juice is fine, then.""Do you like to study?""Yes. What do you do?""I write TV scripts.""Ah, my brother Saburo is a TV actor.""Oh, really?" Takeshi asked, pretending not to know. Then, putting his glass on the table, he asked: "Can we put on some music?""As you like. But... I'm sorry, but I maxwell angels preteens can't be too late. If... if you want..." the boy said, embarrassed."Let's go to the other room, then," the man said amusedly, rising. The boy followed him. The bedroom was also in the western style with a king-size bed, in the center of the room. Takeshi adjusted the lights so that they spread a diffused, indirect glow."Is it okay, like this? I like being able to see while I'm making love.""Yes, normal preteen nudist I like it too," the boy said sotto-voce; he seemed to be losing his self-confidence.Takeshi drew nearer and started to unbutton his shirt, slowly, one button after the other. Jiro, stood still and let. While the man was opening Jiro's shirt, stroked his chest through hiss pink T-shirt. The boy shivered slightly. Takeshi pulled the boy's shirt off and raised the pink T shirt over his chest. The boy preteen plump pics raised his arms to allow him to pull it off. The man lifted the T shirt more and bent to suck his nipple. Jiro moaned, part in surprise and part in pleasure, and shivered again. Then Takeshi opened the boy's belt and trousers. The man's fingers brushed against the tense swollen crotch. The man noticed with pleasure, as he pushed the boy's trousers to his ankles, that the boy was already aroused. Jiro raised himself up on one foot, then the other, helping the man pull off his trousers. Takeshi caressed Jiro's legs up to the boy's thighs, then his ass. He liked the boy's body - fresh, strong, lean, and athletic. To be precise, he preferred Kazuya's body, more adult, virile, and shapely, but Jiro excited him very much as well. The boy's erection under his tenting briefs, was conspicuous and very exciting. Takeshi tackled the last obstacle to full contemplation of that body ready to make preteen insest gallerys love to him. He seized the elastic band of the thin underwear and started to pull it downward. First there appeared a thick bush of black hair, then the elastic band caught on the hard rod, resisted momentarily, then bent down and finally sprang free, straight, and beautiful. The boy's briefs fell to the floor, about his feet.Takeshi turned Jiro around, touching and caressing him, while admiring his shape. Yes, while Kazuya seemed more beautiful to him, his brother was quite desirable too. He felt the boy quivering more and more under his caresses."Aren't you undressing?" the boy asked, slightly embarrassed, without looking at him."I was waiting for you to do it..." the man answered, but he started to pull off his jacked and tie.Jiro unbuttoned his shirt and, little by little, undressed him. When Takeshi was naked too, he went over to the bed, sitting in its center, legs open, knees against his chest. The boy looked over Takeshi's body in a long caressing glance. Takeshi made an inviting gesture, and Jiro went onto the bed on all fours and bent to suck the man's member which rose straight between his thighs. Takeshi caressed him, pleased, asking himself what the boy could desire in bed, what he liked to do.Almost as if in answer to his thought, Jiro preteen girls pix stood up, went astride the man's pelvis and crouched down until the man's rod was brushed against the crease of his buttocks. Takeshi understood that the boy wanted to be taken in that position, sitting on his lap and facing him, so he guided Jiro until the boy was in the right position. little tits preteen Then the nude sexe preteens Jiro suddenly slid himself down, impaling himself on Takeshi's love-spear."Aaahhhaaa... that's so gooood..." the boy exclaimed while filling himself to the hilt.Takeshi felt a short, sharp pain in his foreskin's frenum, tense by the spasm of that sudden movement, but at the same time he also felt a strong pleasure. Jiro leaned back, resting his back on the man's raised thighs, and pushed his hands backward, near Takeshi's feet. Forced onto his hands and feet Jiro started to rise and fall in a fast rhythm, self-fucking on the strong, stiff male rod, throwing his head back and closing his eyes, prey to an alexandra preteen star intense pleasure.Takeshi then started to knead the chest and genitals of the boy, and Jiro shuddered and moaned, while he continued with determination to fuck himself up and down and moaned incoherently.Takeshi was enjoying that unusual (for him) way of making love, and noticed that the boy was completely lost in his own world of pleasure. Evidently, Jiro was using Takeshi to pleasure himself. The hot preteen ilegal man was not annoyed by that, even if, by his own character, he would have liked a more tender union, as it had been that with Jiro's elder brother, Kazuya.Jiro was moaning stronger and stronger, continuing to impale himself vigorously, unrestrained, nearer and nearer to his own orgasm. And then he suddenly came, squirting the man's chest and belly with his seed. Takeshi, almost in reflex to the boy's enjoyment, also reached a strong orgasm, and emptied himself inside the boy.Then Jiro let himself relax on the man's lap, panting deeply, eyes still closed, body covered with rivulets of sweat because of the effort of that passional gymnastic. The boy was still while he caught his breath, resuming little by little its normal rhythm.Then he opened his eyes, xxx naked preteen and said to Takeshi very simply, "Thank you.""You enjoyed yourself," Takeshi commented with a slight smile, almost underlining that the boy had looked just for his own pleasure, and even if he had reached his own orgasm, it was just incidentally."I really needed that... It wasn't so great for you, was it?" the boy said, suddenly understanding the hidden message in the man's words.Takeshi appreciated the boy's sensitivity. He caressed Jiro's chest. The boy seemed almost surprised at that affectionate gesture."Aren't you upset with me?" Jiro asked, shy again."No; not if you needed it so badly...""Normally... normally I'm not... that way.""I would like to know how you are... normally. We can meet again, couldn't we?" Takeshi proposed."I think I owe you that much. You are very kind - more than I deserve. You must have a bad impression of me.""Not so bad, since I'm telling you I would like to meet again. Certainly, I hope that if there's a next time, it will be a little better than this one." Takeshi said with a smile.The boy saw near the bed a box of tissues, took some and cleaned the man's belly and chest, then carefully also porno preteen video his member. Takeshi let him do this, enjoying preteen hentai 14yo the careful attention paid to him.Jiro looked at his watch, then said, embarrassedly, "I have to go now, or I'll be too late.""Let's get dressed, then." Takeshi said standing up. While they were dressing, the man added with a smile, "Anyway, I'll take you at your home, so you can arrive on time.""You don't need to; don't trouble yourself for me.""It would be a pleasure. And then, I don't like letting preteen 13years nudes you go away so soon. On the way we can talk a little more. I would like to know you better."Jiro looked at him curiously, "There isn't so much of interest preteen model preteenx to know about me. I'm a rather ordinary boy.""You are twenty-one years old and, if I understood correctly, I'm only your third man. Believe me, this is not so common. When did you have your first experience?""I was sixteen, and if I count them too... you are the sixth.""I don't understand..."So Jiro told him how a group of his schoolmates gang-raped him. Takeshi listened to him, commenting occasionally about the boy's misadventure. Then he asked, "Despite such a traumatic beginning, now you enjoy it?""The boy who rescued me... I owe it to hot preteen ilegal him if I like it: I think I was deeply in love with him. Probably I still am in love with him, even if it is completely over with, now.""In spite of the way you made love with me before, I feel you're a very romantic boy.""Yes, romantic and silly. But now, I don't want to get involved with anybody else. I want to enjoy life, and nothing more than that . At least, I won't suffer like this again. He who doesn't delude himself won't be disappointed, isn't that so?""Yes, I understand you. But I prefer to be disappointed than to lose my illusions. Then, everybody is made in his own way...""You possibly have more experience than I. At times, I still feel like... a little boy. I would like to have the strength, the solidity of my elder brother. He is a real man. To us, he's been father, mother, brother, friend... that is, not just has been, he still is, of course.""You really admire your brother." Takeshi noticed, virgin top preteen secretly happy."And how could I not admire him? I really would like to be like him. He is strong, inside I mean."They preteen porn sister arrived at a place not very far from Jiro's house. The boy thanked Takeshi, got out, then bent over and said shyly, "Do you really want to meet me again?""If you would like to...""We can meet the day after tomorrow, at 5, at the same bar.""Willingly.""I'll see you then; and thank you," preteen boy websites the bbs darkcollection preteen boy said and went quickly toward the house.Takeshi looked at him going away, started the engine and returned home. He thought he was becoming more and more involved with the Omura family. If he only could meet Kazuya again! He really liked very much that boy.* * *When Takeshi met Jiro at the bar the next day, the boy went to him with a shy smile: "You really came!" he said in greeting."Of course. How are you, today?""Not so little tits preteen different from a couple of days ago, but I promise you that today, if you take me home with you, I will do it your way." Jiro said, lightly blushing."Well, one time for each of us?" Takeshi asked a little ironically."At least, today I've more time." Jiro said somewhat embarrassed but smiling at the man.Takeshi thought of the way each of the three brothers he knew smiled, they all had something in common. The gentleness, the frankness, but also a certain way of folding the lips. There was, in short, a family resemblance.They chatted a while at the bar, then they left. Arriving at Takeshi's house, the man embraced Jiro and kissed him on the mouth.Jiro returned the kiss and meanwhile lowered his hand to feel between the man's legs: "You are already aroused, too." he murmured with pleasure."Well, certainly I am - you're a really handsome boy, and very desirable, too.""You're a handsome man. And you have even a nice... tool, here.""Undress me, then; go on." Takeshi said, starting to undress the boy.Jiro, this time, as soon as he uncovered the man's chest, bent to suck his nipples while they continued to undress each other. This time he's caring about my pleasure, Takeshi thought, pleased, and devoted himself to the boy's pleasure. When they were completely naked, Takeshi pulled Jiro onto the bed with himself and lay lip to crotch; they united in a passionate sixty-nine. The boy did his best and in a short time they both were all a-quiver.Then Takeshi turned around and embraced Jiro again and kissed him on the mouth, while with a finger he gently teased the boy's anus. Jiro pushed his erection against him, caressed the shuddering member, and pushed his tight little ass against that inquisitive finger.Then Takeshi whispered to him, his voice filled with desire, "Turn over..."The boy immediately lay on his tummy. Takeshi made him lift his pelvis, so that he could grasp the boy's member. Then, staring to slowly masturbate him with his hand, the man knelt between Jiro's widespread thighs and bent to lick is anus, pink like a bud ready to open. Jiro shuddered and pushed his hips up, the to better offer himself to the skilled tongue so exquisitely preteen girls pix exploring him."Now I'm going to take you, Jiro." Takeshi whispered parting the boy's buttocks with both his hands and applying the tip of his ellite preteen rod to the hole he'd well-moistened with saliva."Yes." the boy begged, shifting to a kneeled position, his legs widespread, his chest against the mattress.Takeshi, holding him by his hips, entered him with short, firm strokes, slipping inside the boy little by little.Jiro pushed back to meet the man's hard rod and at each stroke excitedly murmured: "Yes... so... oooh... good... ooooh... so.... sooo..."The pleasure with which the boy welcomed him, added to Takeshi's own pleasure and, when he was completely inside the love channel, started hairless preteen lips to ride Jiro with relish. Jiro was japanese preteen boy all a-quiver, and enjoyed the man's thrusts; he underlined each of them with a short moan. Takeshi put his hand on the boy's chest and preteen 13years nudes made him rise, so that now Jiro was leaning against Takeshi's chest, turned the boy's face and kissed him pushing deeply his tongue into the fresh hot mouth. Jiro sucked on the older man's tongue with joy.The boy stared to masturbate himself, while the man continued to fill his rectum with his powerful missile."Do you like me, like this?" the boy panted."Yes, I like it; I like you..." Takeshi, who was enjoying the boy much more than the first time, answered, and panted, "... and you? Do you like it?""You're so strong, I like how you make me feel all of it. I would like it if you hold best tits preteen off from cumming for a while.""Well, I'll try not to, but you haven't to cum, either," Takeshi said pulling Jiro's hand from his member, and gently caressed it nude sexe preteens while he continued to take the boy's willing ass with great vigour.Despite the air conditioning, their bodies shone with myriads of sweat droplets. When Takeshi felt the point of no return approaching dangerously, he slipped out from the boy's ass and made him turn around to embrace him, and kissed him deeply for a long time, waiting for the pleasure level to return to a safer degree.Jiro asked him, eventually, "Do you have a boyfriend?""No, even if I've half fallen for a boy I very much adore. But I don't know if I ever could have him all to myself.""Is he very beautiful?""I like him very much. Yes. I think he is very, very beautiful.""And does he like you?""I think so, but I don't know if enough for...""Did you already make love with him?""Yes, just once. And it has been so beautiful..."Takeshi had a strange tiny petite preteens impression about talking to Jiro about his brother Kazuya, without the boy suspecting it.Jiro said: "Then, kiddy preteens look for him again, be with him often, so you can discover if he's interested in you. By the way, you are a really desirable man, and I'd be very much surprised if he didn't like you.""He is a boy-san.""What's that?""He works in one of the agencies where one can go to choose a boy, and to have sex with him.""And you're in love with him?" Jiro asked with some amazement, looking at him sharply to understand what the man really felt for that boy."I'm falling in love. He's a very exceptional boy. Not just beautiful, I mean.""Why don't you tell him?""Possibly, one day or another. I want, before that, to be better known by him. I want to know if he'll fall in love with me or not.""And do you like me?""You are very pretty and gentle. I like making love to you. And I like the way you welcome me inside you.""I like the way you take me, too."Takeshi smiled and kissed him again. Then he slipped between the boys legs and that time took him face to face.Jiro, while he was being taken again, smiled to Takeshi and said, "I like this way more. I like to look at your manly body as you're taking me. I like feeling you inside me and seeing you over me: it is a truly wonderful sensation."Takeshi smiled and started to piston back and forth inside him with vigour combined with the tenderness Jiro inspired in him. If he hadn't been so strongly attracted to Kazuya, he could have thought seriously about having a serious relationship with Jiro. The boy, his legs widespread, welcomed the man into himself with a kind of sweet abandon. Takeshi lowered himself to kiss him, continuing to piston inside him. The boy's shudders told him how much he was enjoying that passionate penetration. They continued in this way, stopping for a while when they were too near orgasm, then starting again until, finally, Takeshi let himself go and with a strong shiver of emotion, unloaded himself deep inside the boy.Then he asked Jiro, "Do you feel like taking me, now?""But, would you really like me to do that?""Yes. Your tiny ass is really delicious, but this nice tool you have here entices me a lot as well. Take me. Go on...!""With pleasure." the boy answered with a smile.First, Takeshi sucked Jiro's rod, moistening it well with his saliva then, lying with his legs well spread, received the boy into himself. Jiro slipped into him, fully aroused, and soon began to plunge into him with evident pleasure while Takeshi gently teased Jiro's small, turgid nipples.Jiro too tried to do it as Takeshi had done with him, that is, to stop occasionally to avoid cumming too soon, but he succeeded at this only once. Then he was unable to control himself; he was too excited, so the boy came in great shuddering spurts inside Takeshi's welcoming ass.Then the man embraced him tightly, keeping him still inside himself, "Do you manga preteen like taking or being taken best?" he asked, caressing him gently, while the boy was relaxing in satisfaction."I don't know. Both, I think. At least with you. And you?""The same. I like taking and being taken in the same way. They are two different preteen plump pics pleasures, both great. It is beautiful making love, in any way. Especially if your partner makes you feel desired. And you made me feel very desired.""You too. And then, I like being like this, in your arms. You're so masculine.""Like you. I don't like effeminate boys. I want them to be really male, like you are.""I wish you have success with your boy-san.""And I hope you can find the right person.""I hope for that very little...""Little or much, the important thing is not to stop hoping. Isn't it?""Perhaps. Did you ever ellite preteen had kiddy preteens a lover?""Yes, just one. We lived together for five years. Until three years ago, in fact. Five very beautiful years, they were.""And then?""And then he died. An accident at work. He was a test-pilot for the civil aeronautics agency. He crashed in a prototype preteen boy websites he was test flying.""Oh, I'm very sorry!""We met at a demonstration of prototype aircraft. I was your age and doing my first report for a newspaper. I fell in love with him as soon as I saw him. So, while we were flying preteen boy websites over the airport, he and I alone, I told him. I don't know where I found the courage to be nude sexe preteens so bold. He didn't react badly, as I was afraid he would. He just smiled and said, "Why don't you wait for me to do all the flying I have to do? In two hours I go off duty, then you can come home with me. I, too, like you a lot." Well, I was lucky: he too was gay, free, and liked me. He took me in his flat and we made love until the following morning. Only a week later, I moved into his place..."After Takeshi brought Jiro back to his home, he returned to his own and started to put some papers in order, thinking about Jiro, Kazuya and Saburo. Then he revised some accounts and noticed that Tani sweet wet preteen was late almost twenty days in paying his rent. It was strange, Tani had always been on the dot. He liked Tani. When he fist met him, Tani was still a student. They met in a gay disco and Takeshi liked the carefree, sensual way in which the boy danced. When Tani left the dance floor, he approached him and offered him a drink. In those days Takeshi's lover was abroad and he occasionally allowed himself, with his lover consent, a few small adventures. His man was not jealous. And he liked that boy very much.The boy accepted his offer and they chatted with each other over a drink. Then they danced together and Takeshi had the impression that the boy was dancing for him, enticing him. He really did move in a very sensual way. When the DJ put on a slow tune, the boy made Takeshi distinctly feel his erection."You are aroused..." Takeshi whispered with pleasure."You arouse me..." the boy answered with a coquettish air."You arouse me, too..." Takeshi answered."Do you have a place?""Yes. Do you want to come home with me?""Yes, I think it will be somewhat more amusing than staying here." Tani answered with a cunning smile, brushing against him so that he could feel Takeshi's erection as well.When they arrived at Takeshi's rooms, the boy, while rapidly undressing, asked, "Can you put on some music? I like making love with music; it is more pleasurable for me like that."Takeshi switched on the stereo then joined Tani on the bed. The boy was already slowly masturbating."You have a nice tool." Takeshi said pulling the boy's hand away and feeling the solid erection."Do you like my cock? Why don't you give me a blow job, then?" Tani said smiling, opening his legs. Takeshi willingly bent over that really beautiful member, kept it right in his hand, and started to play with his tongue on the shiny dark glans."Mmmh, you're very skilled. You are used to licking cocks, aren't you?""Sure, my lover's cock, anyway...""Ah, you have a lover - and do you cheat on him?""He is abroad, now, and we agreed that when we are apart for a long while, we can do it with other people.""That's good! I too, when I will have a boyfriend, want to have such an agreement with him. Oooohhh... you're really great!""Don't you have a boyfriend?""No, not at the moment. Oooh, that's gooood!" the boy panted, writhing on the bed in pleasure. Takeshi thought that the boy must have been ready to be penetrated when Tani, spoke before he did, really excited, and said, "Get on all fours, I want fuck you!"Takeshi, liking it both ways, readily complied. Tani knelt at his back and penetrated him with a few fast, strong strokes; he then started to move inside him with a swivel of his hips, while his pelvis oscillated back and forth. Takeshi appreciated that remarkable technique that allowed him to feel the boy's member against all the walls of his channel."You're really skilled, too; you must have lots of experience even if you are still just a boy!""You like it, don't you? My first time was at age fourteen. I regularly fucked my thirteen and fifteen year-old cousins, both together. They always quarrelled about who I had to fuck first. Then, also in the boy scouts, several of my patrollers passed by my sleeping bag to be fucked by me, until they caught us and I was expelled. preteen girls pix Then, several of my schoolmates, and even one of my teacher at the high school. Yes, I can say I have lot of experience."-----------------------------CONTINUES IN CHAPTER 8-----------------------------In my home page I've put some of my stories. If someone wants to read them, the URL ishttp://www.geocities.com/~andrejkoymasky/---------------------------
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